Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What Happens when you combine a trolley line pole and a street lamp?

  This shot comes from a wonderful website called "Forgotten New York" that deals with some of subject matter discussed here.  This shot, is several years old and is located in the Canarsie section of of Brooklyn.   Streetcar service left the area in 1951 but many of the poles were still standing until a few years ago.  This location is near the terminus of the "14th Street - Canarsie Line" or what is called the "L"train, which is very popular today.  Streetcars in the area once traveled to the Canarsie shore using a private right of way.  I do not know if this pole is still standing but it is very interesting.  Who knows what the age of this pole is, it may be from the beginning of  electric traction.  Incidentally, the electric street lamps are being upgraded with LED lamps.

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