Monday, November 23, 2015

Three Street Lamps on the Bowery of New York City

This picture comes from the archive of the New York Public Library and shows a shot of the Bowery and Bayard Street in Manhattan.  This picture is undated but it appears to be from the middle to late fifties.  The first lamp, seems to be a short version of one of the popular street lamps, the "Covingtons", I hope I spelled it right.  The Bowery was the route of the Third Avenue El and perhaps this lamp was short because it had to fit under the el structure.  The second lamp, one of the first florescent lamps on the east side is shown.  I believe they were also on 3rd Avenue in midtown Manhattan, after the el was taken down.  The last lamp in the distance is what was called in another blog a "gumball" incandescent lamp from the same era.